Start the New Year Right

This semester resolve to use Planner. So many students think they can remember every assignment and due date and then lament when assignments are missed. Begin 2019 with a Planner and use it for everything no matter how small. Not only will you never forget an assignment f=or due date, but you will have a record of everything you accomplished.

Happy 2019!

Proof Read on Paper

Students often only proof read on a computer screen. This is a mistake. Yes, printing can be expensive, but when you proof read on paper, you will find mistakes you missed on the computer screen.  The more mistakes you catch before turning in a paper, the higher the paper grade

Plan ahead

With the start of a new semester, it is important to get organized. Get a planner and write down all assignments. A little planning will save a great deal of stress later.

A new school year

A large part of writing is thinking. You do not have to have pen in hand or be sitting at your computer to be writing. Imagining a scene in your head is writing whether it is a fictional scene or a nonfiction scene. A professor once told me not to rush my writing. He said thoughts and ideas need time to percolate. Take a walk, sit in your favorite place, go to the gym, and let your thoughts percolate. You will have a more productive writing session when you do sit down to commit words to paper.